Economic Development

Economic Development

Connecting People & Communities through Innovative Ideas.

We assist our clients and partners achieve Dreams. We accomplish this by applying an innovative process of gathering market intelligence, defining a sustainable business model, conducting social economic research, providing systems analysis and through fresh creative thinking.

Starting a new venture or refocusing an existing business takes clear thinking and a little bit of magic to make it successful. We strive to improve business performance through assessing market potential and profitability.

We are committed to creating value for each of our clients' and partners' by:

  • Listening to your ideas;
  • Working collaboratively with your team; and
  • Providing tailor-made solutions that make sense.

We understand a solution is more than just a set of tasks. From an entrepreneurial business strategy, design, organizational change and adoption, to search, user experience, and grassroots marketing, Black Fox Technology will not only deliver a solution, we'll strive at making it successful.

Taking pride in our communities is vitally important. Community leaders need to start embracing new innovative ideas from citizens to help rebuild the economic fabric which once built and now holds together our great country. Business incubation professionals are constantly searching for innovative ways to identify and meet early-stage company needs. Gaining access to investment capital is one key challenge facing many small businesses today.

If your community is interested in pursuing economic development initiatives, give us a call - we can help.