CLEC Boot Camp

CLEC Boot Camp / Consulting

We believe gaining access to telecommunications services is a critical component to ensuring businesses and communities have the ability to compete in the global market.  Telecommunications infrastructure is essential to rural / urban economic development and enhances the value of life through improved educational venues.

Telecommunications providers must respond to a maze of state and federal regulations on a day to day basis.  Starting a CLEC is governed by a complex set of rules.  It sometimes may feel like you need to acquire a PhD in regulatory jargon just to perform the appropriate compliance filings each month.

Our staff understands the ground rules and will assemble a winning team.  We have work on a wide variety of telecommunications law, including regulatory, transactional, litigation, legislative and privacy matters.  We have experience setting up and managing competitive local exchange carriers (CLEC's).

These are a just few of the steps required for a facilities-based CLEC:

  - Review Business Plan / Goals & Objectives / Market Penetration
  - Incorporation
  - Application to the State Public Service Commission (PSC)
  - File Appropriate Tariff's with State PSC / Federal - FCC
  - Obtain Industry Codes, ID's as required
  - Negotiate Interconnection agreements
  - Obtain industry codes
  - Order Circuits and Trunk Groups
  - Obtain Telephone Numbers
  - Manage Switch Circuit Orders
  - Provide Equipment Vendor Analysis

Let us help your company navigate through the regulatory mine field in starting a Competitive Local Exchange Company (CLEC). 

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