Cell Phone Plans

Cell Phone Plans

We provide a broad portfolio of products and services from providers such as Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.

We like to consider ourselves to be “Telecom Physicians” because we take a look at the guts of your telecom system and recommend the best course to align your technology with your goals.

We can even offer larger companies and trade associations the ability to establish web portals for their employees.  This allows a company to select the types of phones and plans that are approved and gives greater flexibility in tracking usage and reducing costs.

Industry research finds that the availability of mobile broadband has increased the purchase demand for smart phones.


Mobile broadband gives employees the ability to be connected 24/7 with the head office.  Mobile workers are using virtual meeting applications and tools to share ideas, edit and input text into documents from their laptops and PDA’s.  Future applications will include video conferencing, unified communications and application streaming as mobile bandwidth availability continues to increase.