About Us

About Us

We have five guiding principles that center on Integrity, Trust, Creativity, Imagination, and Wisdom. Our culture embraces brainstorming, freethinking and utilizes visualization story boarding tools to help us achieve excellence. We are a performance driven organization with a vision to provide outstanding telecommunications and technology solutions for enterprise, nonprofit and small business owners.

Our mission is to provide innovative technology and telecommunications services to help our customers reduce costs and improve the reliability of systems and business processes. Our customer first philosophy ensures that we provide our clients with value-based solutions optimized to meet and surpass each clients' operational goals.

We listen to our clients describe their technology and communications needs and provide tailored solutions.  Black Fox Technology is a proven expert in delivering cost effective integrated telecommunications and technology results that exceed our clients’ expectations. We believe attention to detail is a key driver in delivering successful outcomes.

We believe our foundation of success is built upon our commitment to listen to each of our customers. We continually invest in the professional development for our team members and provide a supportive environment in which they can work closely with clients and have a direct impact on their mission-critical programs. We believe in fostering strong partnerships with each of our clients has led to our success.

Black Fox Technology provides telecommunications solutions, strategic planning and economic development assistance to community organizations, nonprofits and businesses seeking assistance in developing technology strategies, data security, brand positioning and enhancing modes of communication.

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